Ted Nugent Says, He Prefers ZZ Top Over Foo Fighters

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Ted Nugent is a popular musician and he was also the frontman and lead guitarist of the band Amboy Dukes which was formed back in 1964. Ted is tremendously successful as a solo artist and he has sold more than 40 million records. He certainly is a really popular singer however, he also is a great music listener. He loves to listen to various music bands and recently he appeared in Nightly Nuge where he revealed two bands he listens to.

Ted said that he listens to Foo Fighters and ZZ Top however, he said that he prefers ZZ Top over Foo Fighters because Foo Fighters don’t have the guitar solos he is looking for.

As mentioned Nugent is really successful and popular musician and he has been contributing a lot to the music world since 1964. He was inspired by various bands he listens to and he has named that he really enjoys listening to Van Halen, Little Richards, Chuck Berry, and more. He also said that he really enjoys listening to Foo Fighters.

Ted Nugent prefers ZZ Top over Foo Fighters

As mentioned above, Nugent appeared in Nightly Nuge where he talked about various bands he likes to listen to and two of those bands were ZZ Top and Foo Fighters. And the interesting thing is that Nugent himself performed with ZZ Top last year at Taylor County Coliseum. It was really memorable moment because the fans didn’t know Nugent was coming, he made a surprise guest appearance and that made fans go insane.

Nugent talked about Foo Fighters and said that he really likes and enjoys listening to Foo Fighters’ new songs or tracks but he added that he is waiting for a guitar solo that will take their songs go from a hundred to a thousand really quick. Furthermore, he said that he also likes and listens to ZZ Top especially because of their guitar solos.

While talking about Foo Fighters and ZZ Top the veteran music artist said, “There are the classics that I still love to listen to, I love to listen to some of the new stuff by Foo Fighters, but I’m waiting for the guitar solo crescendo when it never comes. So, I still like to listen to ZZ Top, and I loved to listen to James Brown live at the Apollo.”

Furthermore, Nugent also mentioned other popular bands that he loves to listen to including Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Montrose, and more. Back in May Nugent also talked and praised Metallica he said that it is one of his favorite bands and he even said that Metallica is really awesome and unbelievable.

Such a legend Ted Nugent is. He is a legendary music artist himself and he humbly praises other bands always. And certainly, his choice of music and bands are also legendary because all the bands he mentioned are considered one of the greatest bands of all time and certainly they also think about Nugent the same because he has done a lot for the music world.

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