The 2 drummers that Keith Moon listed as some of his favorites

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From 1964 until his passing in 1978, Keith Moon served as The Who’s drummer. He was an essential part of the group’s sound and is today regarded as one of the all-time great drummers. The musician’s legacy as an inspiration to musicians throughout the world endures more than 40 years after his demise.

Moon didn’t have the opportunity to speak with the media as frequently as his colleagues because his career was shorter. However, in 1972, he gave a fascinating interview to Drum Magazine and even mentioned two of his all-time favorite drummers. What the musician had to say about those musicians and his relationship with them was chosen by Rock and Roll Garage.

The 2 drummers that Keith Moon listed as some of his favorites

Ringo Starr

Keith Moon told Drum Magazine, “Ringo, whose drumming is incredible. His bass drum work is great.” The two drummers were close friends, and oddly enough, Moon was the one who encouraged Ringo Starkey’s son Zak Starkey to take up drumming. The white Premier drum kit that Moon used on his final tour with The Who in 1975 and 1976 was given to Starkey by “uncle Keith” despite the fact that his father, Ringo, is the drummer of the most popular band in history, The Beatles.

When Moon passed away in 1978 at the age of 32, Starkey was just 13. He joined The Who in 1996, a few decades later, and has held the position ever since. In 2006, the musician said that Moon was his first significant influence. He said, “Keith Moon was my first big influence, definitely. I wanted to play the drums because of Keith. When I was very young there was music all around me in my parents’ house. You would go into the living room and find stacks and stacks of LPs. (…) When I was eight, I discovered The Who’s Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy. That turned everything on its head. It was so different and it sounded so alive. It was bouncy.”

Zak continued, “Keith was like an uncle, really. He was one of my dad’s best friends. When my brother, sister, and I used to stay with my dad there, we would occasionally spend a few days at Keith’s house. Keith was the babysitter. We would just hang out and talk about anything, really. Girls, surfing, bands, drums. He was a really fantastic guy to hang out with. He wasn’t crazy in any way, except for that look in his eye. I was hanging out with my hero.”

Curiously, in 1966, when things between Keith and The Who weren’t going so well, he went to Paul McCartney and asked whether The Beatles would be interested in hiring him as a drummer. But Paul informed him that they weren’t searching for a drummer at the moment, according to The Who’s biography “Pretend You’re In War.”

Bob Henrit

Keith Moon told Drum Magazine, “I think the drummer with Argent is very good, Bob Henrit.” Henrit and Moon were close friends as well, and they even had the chance to travel together when Argent occasionally shared the stage with The Who.

The drummer was a part of the acclaimed British band Unit 2 + 4 prior to joining Argent. He joined The Kinks later in his career, from the mid-1980s until the late-1990s. Moon used to reside rather near Henrit’s home, according to an interview he gave with Robert von Bernewitz in 2019. So they frequently went out for drinks.

Henrit contributed as a session drummer to a number of well-known lead vocalists’ solo albums. In 1973, Roger Daltrey’s “Daltrey” solo debut album included him as the drummer. In addition, he famously collaborated with Ray Davies, the guitarist and singer for The Kinks, on his solo albums “Glamour” (1981) and “Chosen People” (1983).

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