The album Dave Grohl called “the most beautiful record”

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One of the rock bands that are still active and making new music is Foo Fighters. This band was formed back in 1994 by Dave Grohl. And clearly, Grohl was no rookie when he formed the band because even before Foo Fighters, he was in a really popular rock band, Nirvana as a drummer.

However, Grohl started playing drum way before he joined Nirvana. It was really unfortunate that the frontman of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. As Nirvana broke up after the frontman’s death, Grohl later started his own, and sadly, a few months past the drummer of Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins also died.

Grohl is also a really caring and kind person, he looks out for his fans and his mates. And obviously, he has a very warm relationship with everyone, which is why he is listed as one of the nicest and kindest rock music artists there is.

It has been more than three decades ever since Grohl started his music journey from Nirvana to Foo Fighters and in all these years he has revealed various things about himself in interviews. He has talked about how he got into the music line and who his favorite bands or albums or songs are.

Talking about his favorite bands, he said that he used to drum to the Beatles’ songs with his parents. So it is obvious that the Beatles is one of his favorites. Furthermore, he also said that he really loves Led Zeppelin. Well, there are various bands and albums that he loves but do you know what album Grohl called the most beautiful? well, that is what we are here to discuss.

The most beautiful record according to Dave Grohl

As mentioned Grohl has revealed his favorite artists and tracks, furthermore, in this context, Grohl talked to Melody Maker years ago and he said that he loves The Winding Sheet, a debut studio album by Grohl’s good friend Mark Lanegan. This album was released back in 1990.

While talking about the album Grohl said, “Oh man, it’s the most beautiful record, it’s a Sunday morning, acoustic, soulful blues record. The guy has so much soul and the most beautiful voice. You imagine this is what your heart would sound like if it could sing, it’s so fu**in’ beautiful. This album came out just after I moved to Seattle, so to me, it represents that whole time. Mark sang for the Screaming Trees, so he had his flipside, but there was also a lot of appreciation in Seattle at that time for the purity and truth of real music.”

It is really sad that Mark Lanegan is no longer with us. He passed away a few months prior this year in February however, his death reason or cause is still unspecified. After his pal’s death, Grohl gave tribute to him and told the Independent, “there was nobody like him.” He said, “If he sang about pain, you believed it and if he sang about love, you believed it, if you know anything about his story, or have read any of his books, you’ll understand why he sang what he did and why he sang it the way that he did. There was nobody like him. In Seattle he was much loved.”

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