The band that Steven Tyler almost left Aerosmith for

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Many rock vocalists dream of the opportunity to front a band as legendary as Aerosmith. Although they were inspired by some of the greatest British bands, the dynamic between Steven Tyler and Joe Perry imbued Aerosmith with a non-stop party vibe, earning them the moniker “The Bad Boys from Boston.” Despite the allure of joining such a group, Tyler once contemplated leaving Aerosmith for a collaboration with Jimmy Page.

The magic of Aerosmith largely stems from the interplay between Tyler and Perry. Despite not always being the closest of friends, their ability to collaborate both on stage and in the studio has produced iconic tracks like “Back in the Saddle,” showcasing their unique synergy.

Entering the 2000s, Perry expressed dissatisfaction with the band’s direction, especially after the pop ballad success of “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing,” which led to albums that strayed from their blues roots, such as Just Push Play. Perry managed to steer the band back to their blues influences with the cover album Honkin’ on Bobo, even as Tyler pursued his fame, including a stint as a judge on American Idol.

Tyler’s opportunity to collaborate with Jimmy Page arose when Led Zeppelin considered touring without Robert Plant, who had declined to participate. Tyler, a long-time Zeppelin fan since witnessing their performance at the Boston Tea Party, jumped at the chance to rehearse with Page and John Paul Jones, even contemplating joining them for shows and possibly an album. However, after some reflection, Tyler chose loyalty to Aerosmith over the opportunity, acknowledging the iconic status of both bands and his inability to leave Aerosmith behind.

Aerosmith’s music has always carried a hint of Led Zeppelin’s influence, with tracks like “Sweet Emotion” and “Love In An Elevator” featuring Zeppelin-esque riffs blended with Aerosmith’s bluesy style, reminiscent of The Rolling Stones.

Despite Tyler’s brief dalliance with the idea of leaving, Aerosmith faced the possibility of moving forward without him, discussing the potential need to find a new lead singer. However, just as Led Zeppelin wouldn’t be the same without Robert Plant, Aerosmith without Steven Tyler—the “Demon of Screamin'”—would lose a crucial part of its identity.

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