The bassist Geddy Lee said “forever my hero”

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Geddy Lee is like a music wizard. He’s the main singer and plays bass for a famous band called Rush. He’s super talented in many ways.

He can sing in lots of different styles and play the keyboard really well. But what he’s really, really great at is playing the bass guitar.

Imagine the bass guitar is like a magical instrument with strings. Geddy Lee is like a master wizard who can make those strings sing and dance.

He’s famous for making the band’s music sound exciting and cool with his bass playing.

He’s not just good at playing the bass, he’s like a superhero of bass players. His bass lines fit perfectly with the awesome drumming by Neil Peart and the amazing guitar playing by Alex Lifeson.

It’s like they’re all best friends creating musical magic together.

Geddy Lee also looks up to other bass heroes from the past, like Jack Casady and John Paul Jones. He even finds inspiration from modern bass players like Flea and Les Claypool.

But there’s one hero he loves the most – John Entwistle from The Who. He was so good that people called him ‘The Ox’ and ‘Thunderfingers’. Geddy Lee says he’ll always be his favorite.

When Geddy Lee talks about John Entwistle, you can see how much he admires him. He thinks John was the best rock bassist ever.

He loved how John played and how he could make his bass guitar sound so cool. Geddy Lee is really happy to have a bass guitar that was once owned by John Entwistle.

So, Geddy Lee is like a music wizard who makes his bass guitar talk and dance in amazing ways. He loves playing with his band Rush, and he looks up to heroes like John Entwistle.

It’s like a big musical adventure that makes everyone want to tap their feet and smile.

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