Revealed: The Beatles’ first ever colour photograph, taken by Paul McCartney’s brother

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Have you ever imagined that Ringo Starr was not the drummer of the Beatles? well, it could have been the case and in this short handy article, we are going to discuss it and we will also be talking about the Beatles’ first-ever color photograph. Apparently, when Ringo was selected as the drummer for the band, other members joked that Ringo is not the best drummer, well at least in Liverpool.

So was there anyone else than Ringo the Beatles considered recruiting? yes, as per our sources Paul McCartney’s brother Mike McCartney was a great drummer and had very high hopes or ambitions to write his name as one of the greatest drummers of all time. However, he couldn’t join the band, now you may wondering why, well it was because he broke his arm.

And he has joked that if his arm hadn’t broken then he would have been the drummer of the legendary rock band the Beatles instead of Ringo. And if we think about it there was nothing stopping him from being the band’s drummer, after all, he is the brother of Paul McCartney. So how did Mike end up being a photographer? we’ll talk further in the article.

Mike pursue a career as a photographer

Paul McCartney's brother mike

As mentioned Mike broke his arm which stopped him from joining the band. So, later he thought of becoming a professional photographer and started his photography career. And as the title mentioned, it was Mike who took the first ever color photograph of the Beatles.

As per the information, Mike was looking through his old photos he found the never seen photo of the Beatles. The photo is so old that it was taken over sixty decades ago. At the time their band wasn’t even called the Beatles, they were known as Quarrymen.

We got to know that the picture or the photograph was taken on 8 March 1958 in McCartney’s aunt Jin’s house. Time sure does fly huh, when this photo was taken George Harrison was just 15 years old. At the time they had no idea that they would become one of the most iconic and popular rock bands of all time.

Talking about the photo Paul’s brother Mike said, “This may have been George’s first performance with the group. John, without his glasses, couldn’t see a thing – but we could clearly see from his red cheeks that he was bevvied. The lad with half a Guinness is Dennis Littler, one of cousin Ian’s friends.”

He added, “In those days, colour film was very expensive, so it would have been a special present from dad to get colour film for me. We used to get him a £1 Habana de Cuba cigar every year for Christmas and he would have got this as my gift. It’s brilliant to see Paul, John and George together in colour for the first time.”

In another photo, Paul is seen holding a drumstick and Mike also spoke about that photograph and said, “Paul came home one day with a drum kit, it was perfect because I wanted to play the drums. Maybe if I hadn’t broken my arm, I could have been a Beatle.”

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