The Beatles Release New “Let It Be” Music Video!

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The Beatles have shared a brand-new music video for their classic 1970 hit “Let It Be,” giving fans a fresh look at this iconic song. The video, which runs for about four minutes, includes scenes from the restored Let It Be movie. This movie was originally released in 1970 but was unseen for many years until now.

The film got a makeover from Peter Jackson, the director known for the popular 2021 series The Beatles: Get Back. You can now watch the restored version on Disney+.

“Let It Be” dives into the Beatles’ journey to create an album together, with all four members in the studio at the same time. This was different from their previous album, The White Album, where they worked more independently. The goal was to show their unity and collaboration.

The new music video features scenes from the restored movie, including some never-before-seen footage of the Beatles performing the song “Let It Be.”

The song itself was a huge hit when it first came out in March 1970, topping the charts in the U.S. It’s still one of their most loved songs, often performed live by Paul McCartney, who wrote it.

The restored Let It Be movie, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and filmed in 1969 during the band’s recording sessions, is now on Disney+. Jackson’s work in restoring it gives us a closer look at the band’s creative process, showing moments not seen before.

This new video release is part of a wave of Beatles-related projects, including a documentary about John Lennon‘s first solo show and news about four upcoming biopics about the band members. It’s a time of rediscovery and celebration for Beatles fans, highlighting their timeless appeal in music history.

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