The Beatles Song John Lennon Created Accidentally Whilst Stoned

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It takes thought and awareness to process and express ideas and feelings when writing songs. This entails being conscious of the song’s general structure and idea flow. It also entails comprehending crucial components of the music, such as harmony, melody, and lyrics. However, seems like sometimes there are exceptions, as something else happened with John Lennon while he was high.

One of the best songwriters of all time was John Lennon. Themes of compassion and peace were frequently addressed in Lennon’s lyrics, which also often explored his own challenges and victories. Language barriers did not stand in the way of his music’s appeal to listeners around the globe, inspiring generations of music fans. In addition, his music endures and is still appreciated by listeners of all ages today.

Everyone is aware by this point that the band had previously used drugs recreationally while composing songs. Lennon was now emerging from a place of intense introspection and was driven relentlessly to experiment musically. He recalls a chance encounter and claims that he chose to record it on his tape recorder because he was tired from the recording sessions. He unintentionally recorded the first backward recording, it turned out, all because he was high on marijuana. The song “Rain,” which was assigned to Ringo Starr but perfected by Lennon, is a wonderful illustration of this.

While talking with Playboy in 1980, Lennon revealed, “I got home from the studio and I was stoned out of my mind on marijuana… and, as I usually do, I listened to what I’d recorded that day. Somehow it got on backwards and I sat there, transfixed, with the earphones on, with a big hash joint.”

He added, “I ran in the next day and said, ‘I know what to do with it, I know… listen to this!’ So I made them all play it backwards. The fade is me actually singing backwards with the guitars going backwards. (sings) ‘Sharethsmnowthsmeanss!’ That one was the gift of God… of Ja actually—the God of marijuana, right? So Ja gave me that one.”

Even though it may have been an unintentional classic created as a result of being absurdly inebriated and playing the recording backwards, Ringo Starr’s stylish drumming was still prominently displayed. He recalled it from 1984 as his favorite time spent with The Beatles. He said, “My favourite piece of me is what I did on ‘Rain.’ I think I just played amazing. I was into the snare and hi-hat.”

“I think it was the first time I used the trick of starting a break by hitting the hi-hat first instead of going directly to a drum off the hi-hat. I think it’s the best out of all the records I’ve ever made. ‘Rain’ blows me away. It’s out in left field. I know me and I know my playing… and then there’s ‘Rain.'”

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