The Beatles’ song John Lennon regretted writing

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John Lennon was a legendary singer and songwriter who has written many hit songs. However, Lennon also had favorites and unliked a few of his own songs. And although he has stated that some of his work is bad, there is only one song that Lennon regretted writing. So what song is that? we will discuss this further in the article but right now let’s talk about a few of the songs that he thought were bad.

Well, honestly speaking there is really a thin chance of anyone not liking Lennon’s songs however, we are not talking about anyone’s opinion but the creator’s himself. No one can disagree that Lennon is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. However, in 1980 he was in an interview with David Sheff for Playboy, and in the interview, he mentioned a few of his songs as terrible work.

He listed a few of the Beatles songs including When I’m Sixty Four and Let It Be as having. He later said that their song Birthday was abysmal. He then mentioned his famous song which no one could have thought about, yes, we are talking about I Am The Walrus. Now these are the songs that Lennon thought as terrible but there is only one song that he has ever regretted writing, let’s find out what song it is.

The Beatles song John Lennon regretted writing

Talking about his least favorite song Lennon said that he really hated the “Run For Your Life” song from their 1965 album Rubber Soul. It has already been over five decades since Lennon wrote that song however, it is not his famous work. But there are also fans who consider this song as great.

As mentioned Lennon has mentioned that this is his least favorite song, in fact, he hated this song. Back in 1970, he was in an interview with Rolling Stone where he talked about this song and said, “‘Run for Your Life, I always hated, you know.” Later he also said that he never liked that song.

Run for your life was the song Lennon wrote and he was inspired by Elves Presley’s Baby Let’s play House. He said, “It was inspired from—this is a very vague connection—from ‘Baby Let’s Play House’. There was a line on it; I used to like specific lines from songs, ‘I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man’—so I wrote it around that, but I didn’t think it was that important.”

In a 1973 interview he again said that it was his least favorite song that he ever wrote however, he also mentioned that Beatles’ lead guitarist George Harrison really liked it and he even said that it was Harrison’s favorite song from their album Rubber Soul.

Lennon also said that he did not like or was interested to write about other people but he wanted to write about himself because he knew who he was. That is why he said that Strawberry Fields is one of his favorite tracks from the band. He also said Help is his favorite because it was real and he wanted someone to help him.

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