The Beatles Song Ringo Starr wants to be played at his funeral

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The Beatles are on a scale above everyone else. Everyone loves the Beatles, and everyone has a favorite Beatles song. Ringo Starr, the drummer of the Beatles, is known for the upbeat, and all-round sound of his drums. Starr is a great musician and has defined himself through his solo career. This all-rounder has been our beloved musician for a very long time.

Ringo Starr was primarily a drummer, but he also earned his name as a great singer-songwriter later on in his career as a musician. He also had the ability to make catchy tunes. He also provided vocal skills to some of the songs on Beatles some of the popular songs are ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’, and the other one is ‘Octopus’s Garden.’

In an interview with NME, Ringo was asked, “what song do you want played at your funeral?

It was a very interesting question and Ringo had to think about it for quite some time. And then he answered, “I don’t know what we’d have playing, so I’ll say this one because it’d be nice to have everyone singing along” in regards to ‘Octopus’ Garden’.”

Octopus’ Garden‘ is one of the very few songs that Ringo had co-written. George Harrison said, “It’s only the second song Ringo has ever written, mind you, and it’s lovely.” He also added, “Because it’s so peaceful. I suppose Ringo is writing cosmic songs these days without even realizing it.”

He went on to reveal that this song was composed at a very difficult time. When he was feeling left out of the band, and went on a holiday with actor Peter Sellers. After ordering fish and chips on board, Ringo got squid and the whole meal was odd. This incident sparked a conversation with the boat’s captain and then the captain told the story about how “octopuses travel across the seabed picking up rocks and shiny objects to build a garden out of.” It sounded very intriguing and then he poured that creative juice into the song.

Seems like the reason he chose this song is all because of his personal reasons. As there was a backstory to how the song got created. Also, on top of that, seems like he truly resonated with why he created the song.

Listen to Octopus’s Garden on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major music platforms.

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