The best song AC/DC wrote according to Gene Simmons

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Back in 1973 in Sydney, Australia, the electric saga of AC/DC began with the musical alchemy of the Young brothers, Malcolm and Angus. The classic lineup, featuring Bon Scott on vocals, catapulted the group into the echelons of hard rock greatness. As the late ’70s rolled in, they found themselves sharing stages with colossal bands like Kiss, a pivotal encounter that left a lasting impact on bassist and singer Gene Simmons.

Following Bon Scott’s tragic departure in 1980, Brian Johnson stepped into the limelight, and the band forged ahead with the creation of “Back In Black,” an album that would redefine their legacy and become a chart-topping phenomenon. AC/DC’s influence soared, boasting over 200 million records sold worldwide, solidifying their status as one of the most influential bands in history.

Amidst two eras, each marked by a distinct lead vocalist, and a discography brimming with incredible albums, choosing a favorite AC/DC song proves a Herculean task for fans. Yet, according to Gene Simmons, the crown jewel is “You Shook Me All Night Long,” a lively anthem penned by Malcolm, Angus, and Brian Johnson as part of the iconic “Back in Black” album.

In a 2015 interview with The Quietus, Simmons explained why “You Shook Me All Night Long” stands out, emphasizing that while it may not be an anthem like “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You),” its rocking greatness surpasses expectations. Simmons highlighted the difference lies in the lyrics – the anthemic quality of the former connecting with a broader audience in a way that “You Shook Me” charmingly avoids.

Beyond the musical realm, KISS, another juggernaut in the rock pantheon, played a pivotal role in shaping the early careers of various bands. Among the impressive list of openers, AC/DC holds a special place. During 1977 and 1978, AC/DC toured with Kiss, leaving an indelible mark on Simmons, who declared them the best opening act ever. Reflecting on the experience, Simmons stressed the importance of authenticity and marching to the beat of one’s own drum, principles shared by both bands.

The genesis of this iconic tour traced back to Simmons witnessing AC/DC’s electrifying performance in a small Los Angeles club. Impressed by their relentless energy, he took Angus Young out for dinner, reminiscing about Angus’s infectious smile, a gap-toothed grin that reflected the humble beginnings of a band destined for greatness.

In a twist of fate, Bon Scott, AC/DC’s original frontman, had his own amusing encounter with Kiss back in 1977. While acknowledging Kiss’s spectacular live show, Scott humorously confessed his inability to recall Gene Simmons’ name, adding a touch of humor to the intertwined history of these rock titans.

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