The Cure: Robert Smith reveals the first band he ever saw live

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When we delve into the life of a music legend like Robert Smith and explore his stories, origins, and inspirations, we gain valuable insights into the genesis of his creative brilliance.

One pivotal moment that shaped him deeply was his very first concert experience.

As a teenager, Robert Smith had a profound encounter with the band Thin Lizzy. He couldn’t resist going to their concerts, attending a remarkable ten shows in just two years.

This had a lasting impact on him, ultimately fueling his passion to pursue a career in music.

Interestingly, even before he achieved fame, Robert faced personal struggles with alcohol and drugs during his teenage years.

However, witnessing Thin Lizzy’s electrifying performances seemed to awaken something in him – a sense of being truly alive, almost surpassing the allure of alcohol. For a young person battling with alcohol issues, this was a significant revelation.

It’s worth noting that Thin Lizzy was the band that popularized the classic tune now known worldwide as “Whiskey in the Jar,” later covered by Metallica.

The irony lies in the fact that this song, revolving around whiskey, became associated with a band whose music inspired Robert to confront and eventually overcome his addictions.

It was a turning point for him, and it paved the way for the birth of The Cure.

In essence, Thin Lizzy played a pivotal role not only in shaping Robert Smith’s musical journey but also in helping him gain control over his addictions.

So, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we owe a great deal to Thin Lizzy for their profound influence on the music world and for indirectly giving rise to The Cure.

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