The drunken prank that Dave Grohl still regrets

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Dave Grohl needs no introduction, this guy is such a legend. He has been a part of a very popular rock band Nirvana and after they disbanded he formed his own new band Foo Fighters and he has had success in both bands. Furthermore, he is also one of the kindest musicians of all time. He is literally listed number one in the list of kindest or nicest musicians of all time and even Watchmojo agrees to it.

Grohl really cares and loves everyone around him and certainly, he does everything for his fans. We might even think that he does not have anything that he regrets however, he is but a mere human just like the rest of us and even Dave Grohl has done something bad in his past that he still regrets doing to this day.

So what did Grohl do? to know this incident we will have to go back to the 1990s when Grohl was in Nirvana. One night Grohl got drunk and did a horrible prank, so what prank was that? we will discuss this further in the article.

The drunken prank that Dave Grohl still regrets

Dave Grohl was the drummer of the famous rock band Nirvana after he joined the band back in September 1990. They were really popular, especially after their single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from their second studio album Nevermind. Certainly, Nirvana was new to people however, they were no children, they were versatile music artists which is why many record labels wanted to sign them.

And as a band, Grohl and other members would party every now and then and this is a story of when Grohl got drunk and pulled out a horrible and mean prank on someone which Grohl thinks about to this day and regrets. Now let’s discuss what prank he pulled.

As mentioned above, Grohl got drunk one night along with his bandmates Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Novoselic’s former wife Shelli Dilley while they were in Tacoma, Washington. And obviously, Grohl decided to make a prank. He had several business cards with him which he got when he was traveling around with his band.

Grohl and others met this karaoke singer and they gave him the A&R guy card and certainly, he (the karaoke singer) would have thought that she would become famous. Talking about the incident or prank, Grohl told I Heart Radio, “At the time we were being kind of groomed by all these different record companies, e were getting [bid] on by all these [record labels]…but we had so many A&R guy cards. And we got wasted one night and gave an A&R guy card to a karaoke singer.”

Grohl further explained, “Is that terrible? that’s bad. …I don’t remember which — it was either Kurt or me or Krist — and we gave it to her under the impression that we were an A&R guy and that we were gonna make her famous. I still think about it. …I feel like that person still has that card. …Damnit.”

So, what do you think about the prank? if you ask me, well, they sure did go way over the limit. It was really mean prank to pull on anybody. They put hope in the karaoke sing that she is going to be famous. Just imagine, the karaoke singer may have been really happy after receiving the business card hoping that he will become famous.

I really love Grohl but still, it was really mean and horrible of him for doing this harsh prank on that poor guy. And Grohl does regret doing that prank. In the same podcast, Grohl said, “I still think about it. I feel like that person still has that card. …Damnit.” 

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