The Eagles member Don Henley thought lied through his teeth: “If it was real”

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In the music industry, there’s a lot of drama alongside the tunes. It’s called show business for a reason sometimes, it’s more about talking than making good music. Don Henley, despite his outspoken nature, admitted that fellow musician Don Felder wasn’t always truthful during the making of the Eagles’ History.

Felder’s journey with the Eagles was rocky from the start. He contributed memorable guitar licks to hits like “Already Gone” and came up with the famous chords for “Hotel California.” However, he wanted more than just being a background player; he dreamed of singing up front. Unfortunately, the band had other plans.

In a bold move, during the recording of Felder’s song “Victim of Love,” the Eagles‘ manager took him out for dinner while they replaced his vocals with Henley’s. This sparked a feud that erupted during a benefit concert, leading Felder to part ways with the band. But as fate would have it, they reunited for an album called Hell Freezes Over, only to face similar issues again, leading to Felder’s departure due to financial disagreements.

The tension between Felder and the band, especially Henley, was palpable. Despite Felder’s emotional display in the documentary, expressing his hurt and missing the camaraderie, Henley dismissed it as staged, questioning its authenticity.

Since then, the Eagles have continued with Henley at the helm, accompanied by Joe Walsh on lead guitar and session player Steuart Smith. However, even Smith acknowledges that he’s not truly part of the Eagles, feeling more like a hired hand than a band member.

With Glenn Frey’s passing, any hope of a full reunion with Felder seems slim. What began as friendship evolved into a business partnership, ultimately fracturing the once unbreakable bonds between the band members.

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