The Eagles song Don Henley hated: “I don’t want it”

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Every Eagles song had to meet the high standards of Don Henley and Glenn Frey before making the cut. Their impeccable criteria for hit-making were evident in albums like “Hotel California”.

While Henley stood by most of the band’s creations, there was one tune he wasn’t particularly fond of.

After the not-so-successful “Desperado” album, the band aimed to bounce back with “On the Border”, collaborating with producer Glyn Johns.

But as disagreements flared between Frey and Johns, the hunt for a new producer began, leading to a rather uneven third album.

With the addition of guitarist Don Felder, the group found a renewed energy. This shift was evident in their album “One Of These Nights”.

Before, they operated as a quartet, but Felder’s addition invigorated their sound, producing standout tracks like “Take It To the Limit”.

However, not everyone was on the same page. Guitarist Bernie Leadon, who previously played with The Flying Burrito Brothers, yearned for a more traditional rock sound.

When choosing tracks for the album, Leadon was adamant about including “I Wish You Peace”, a song he co-wrote with his then-girlfriend. This would be one of his last contributions to the band before Joe Walsh replaced him.

While the band agreed to record the song, Henley wasn’t thrilled, once referring to it as “smarmy cocktail music…not up to the band’s standards” in the book “Life in the Fast Lane”.

Leadon, in defense, humorously threatened to harm Glenn if they didn’t record it. This wasn’t the only time he made waves during the sessions.

Bill Szymczyk, the band’s producer, encouraged Henley and Frey to add the country-infused instrumental “Journey of the Sorcerer” to keep Leadon engaged.

Yet Leadon’s dissatisfaction persisted. Szymczyk recalls a time in “History of the Eagles” where, after a long night, Leadon simply decided to go surfing.

While it was evident that Leadon’s time with the band was waning, the Eagles found a renewed spark with Joe Walsh’s inclusion. Although “One of These Nights” had a seemingly calm title, it was evident that all was not serene within the band’s ranks.


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