The Fleetwood Mac Song Christine McVie Wrote About Dennis Wilson

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We’ve seen many celebrities fall in love and break up. The same thing happened to Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie and Dennis Wilson as they started dating in the late 1970s, only to break up a few years later, in 1982. Wilson cared for and loved McVie very much, but she stated that she had to take care of Wilson like a mother, and it slowly started tearing up their lovely relationship.

Although their relationship was short-lived, Fleetwood Mac’s song, written by Christine for Wilson, will live on. This Fleetwood Mac song is proof of Christine’s love for Wilson.

The Fleetwood Mac song Christine wrote for Dennis Wilson

Clearly, they had a pretty shaky relationship, yet they both loved each other very much, and as mentioned above, Christine’s written Fleetwood Mac song titled “Only Over You” is proof of their love. This song was released on Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 album “Mirage.”

Christine poured all her love toward Wilson into the song, and not a single person can change our minds about that. Sadly, their relationship was not the only thing ending as just a year after their break up, in 1983 Wilson died by drowning.

After news of Wilson’s death, Christine couldn’t believe it as she always thought Wilson was ‘indestructible.’ Just a few months prior, Christine joined Wilson, and now the only thing that’s left of them is Only Over You, filled with Christine’s emotion for Wilson.

Two sides of Christine and Wilson’s relationship
dennis and christine

A few years after Christine divorced John McVie, she got into a relationship with the Beach Boys’ co-founder Dennis Wilson. When in a relationship with Wilson, Christine said that she “awakened things in me I’d been scared to experience and made me feel the extremes of every emotion.”

Rolling Stone reported that Christine loved Wilson’s boy-like character and how sensitive he was. However, as time passed, Christine realized that their relationship was partially maternal and had a rollercoaster of emotions. Christine revealed because of Wilson’s alcohol and cocaine habits, she mothered him. Furthermore, she added that she wouldn’t see Wilson for days and when he’d come back she had to get him sober but only for him to go wild again.

Wilson’s alcohol and cocaine problems also started wearing on their relationship, until they finally broke up in 1982.

Certainly, they loved and cared a great deal about each other, however, they couldn’t hold the rope of their relationship for long. Years later, Christine talked to BBC in 2017 and said, “He [Wilson] was a mess, but he was charismatic, charming, and really handsome. He swept me off my feet big time, and we had a very rollercoaster affair for a couple of years. I just adored him.”

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