The Fortune ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Refused To Cut His Beard

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ZZ top is known for its blues-inspired rock music and is one of the leading bands in the world of rock. The band consists of Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard, and Elwood Francis as of now. Dusty Hill was one of the notable past members of the band. Aside from their musical abilities, they are known for their appearance which included hats, sunglasses, and matching appearance. They are also infamous for their beard.

Those are the signature appearance of the band, and the singer once revealed that they were approached by a big razor firm and offered them money to shave off their beard. And they said it was a big No.

Billy Gibbons, the lead singer of ZZ Top, stated that he and bandmate Dusty Hill had declined an offer of $1 million (£638,000) to have their beards removed. He even said that he’d do the same again if he were asked. Billy and Dusty both had the same characteristic until Dusty’s death in 2021. The big long beard was the signature of the band.

He revealed the details about it while talking with BraveWords. He said, “No dice. Even adjusted for inflation, this isn’t going to fly. The prospect of seeing oneself in the mirror clean-shaven is too close to a Vincent Price film… a prospect not to be contemplated, no matter the compensation.”

He said that the deal approached them back in 1984. The company was Gillette and they offered them $1 million to shave their beards off. It was quite an idea from Gillette as that would have caused a big surge in their sales. But, the duo had other plans and didn’t agree with the offer.

That amount would be worth $2,856,564 today in 2022. That beard became their trademark which helped them a lot in their career. Still to this day even after, Dusty’s passing, Billy still has it and we believe it is a way to preserve their big long legacy.

Gibbons has also talked about the first time he saw Dusty’s long beard. He said, “I walk into the room, and I’m lookin’ at a guy I think I know. My beard has grown to doormat proportions. And I realize that Dusty had done the same thing.” That’s when they realized they should adopt this look and they did. He has kept this look for more than forty years. In fact, despite being paid handsomely to shave his beard, he refused to do so which is one of the best things to happen.

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