The Jimmy Page Album That Made John Paul Jones “Disappointed”

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After Led Zeppelin called it quits in 1980, John Paul Jones charted his own course. In contrast, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page often seemed to dwell on the past.

Jones collaborated with a myriad of artists, from Brian Eno to Marc Bolan. His work showcased his versatility, dabbling in jazz, blues, and rock, be it in partnerships or solo projects.

In a 2010 interview with Guitar Magazine about his penchant for musical exploration, the interviewer probed if he felt Plant and Page had also branched out musically as he had. Jones responded candidly:

“They haven’t ventured as I have. I’m me; they’re them. I’m not even sure what Page is up to with the Black Crowes; perhaps he’s deep into blues.”

On the topic of Plant and Page’s 1998 album, ‘Walking into Clarksdale’, Jones expressed his thoughts:

“I listened to ‘Walking into Clarksdale’ and wished there was more of Page’s signature touch. I always enjoy his riffs. But they’re on their own path. I’m not fazed.”

While Jones might have wanted more of Page’s input on the album, it was still a hit, bagging a Grammy for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ for ‘Most High’.

Additionally, Plant revisited a track from the same album with Alison Krauss in 2007, which made waves on their award-winning album ‘Raising Sand.’

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