The John Lennon Song Dave Grohl Wishes He’d Written

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Dave has never been shy about his love for the Beatles. He has been a fan for much of his life, and because of the way he sings, Paul McCartney has even been likened to him. Additionally, he has frequently referenced the legendary group in his music.

Most notably, he worked with Paul McCartney on the song “Cut Me Some Slack” and covered “Helter Skelter” with his former band Nirvana. Additionally, Grohl has acknowledged that the Beatles had a significant impact on his work as a musician and artist.

John Lennon had a great influence on him. He has frequently mentioned him as a major influence on his work and has covered many of his songs live. While talking about The Beatles, he has even revealed that ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ is his favorite record. It was while he was having a conversation with BBC Radio 2 in 2019. He said, “The one that stands out to me the most, and has always been my favorite from that record, is called ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’,” he said. “I love heavy music, I love Black Sabbath, I love Motörhead, but I think that nothing is heavier, melodically darker, and deeper than the riff in this song.”

In another interview, he has even revealed that he wished he’d written ‘Imagine‘. It was during an interview with Red Bulletin. He said, “Because it’s such a beautiful song with a really timeless quality – the song just never sounds old. When I was young and I first started playing guitar – around the age of ten or eleven years old – I would sit and strum along to [John Lennon’s] records all day long. That’s how I learned to play guitar – John was my teacher.”

John’s art has always piqued Dave’s interest as well. Lennon was the object of his intense love and obsession. Even yet, he has admitted that Lennon is his preferred Beatle. In addition, Grohl has called Lennon “my idol” and “the ultimate rock star.” Lennon has unquestionably had a significant impact on Grohl and his career.

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