The Play John and Paul wrote before The Beatles

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney, their friendship was very special and could be seen as a very creative duo. The Beatles duo was very much involved with each other and the creativity they shared on and off stage was like that of soulmates.

Both of them were connected with their artistic desire. During the interview on BBC Radio 4’s This Cultural Life, Paul McCartney told the presenter John Wilson about the play he and John wrote when they were young. He recalled his older days when he and Lennon would go on writing music, and jokes, and being a writer.

In the program, he explained, “For years I’ve been telling people that me and John wrote a play.” He added, “We were just knocking round at my house and having a cup of tea or whatever and we decided ‘we’ll write a play!’ We only got four pages in.”

“This was before The Beatles when we were just hanging out writing our early songs.” McCartney rediscovered the work while cleaning out his study. “We started this play and I said ‘Oh, stop’ and I read it and I said ‘that’s that play that I’ve been talking about forever, and I really thought that was lost. And it’s quite a funny little thing.”

Paul remembered the older days and said, “This was before The Beatles.” He went on and said he had forgotten about it until he came across it in his attic. McCartney went on to reveal that he and Lennon had great writing ambitions.

“I thought that was lost. It’s quite a funny little thing. It’s called Pilchard, and it is about the Messiah. It was the era of the kitchen sink, and the idea was the mother and the daughter are in the kitchen area, and they’re just talking and she says ‘where’s Pilchard?’ and the daughter says ‘oh he’s upstairs again, he’s always up there he never comes down’. And the idea was that the whole story would go on and on and on. And it was the Messiah, that’s why he never came down. He was doing stuff and thinking of stuff. That was going to be the payoff. I still think it’s not a bad idea actually.”

In the show, he also talked about how his mother’s death influenced some of his greatest songs. He went on to reveal that music was always there for him. He shared some of his important and earliest memory of him gathering around the piano to sing with his mother. He said, “One of my great memories is hearing Mum in the kitchen, whistling,” he said. “I thought, ‘It’s great. Mum’s happy.”

McCartney’s mother was a nurse. He revealed how she wanted him and his brother to follow in her footsteps and train as a doctor. But, Paul was more into artistic ways of life and the reason he went on to be on the greatest band, The Beatles.

Pilchard has not been performed yet and they only finished four pages of the play. But we believe there is still time to produce the play. We believe many of the fans will be thrilled to be in the play written by two of the best artist the world has ever seen. The full interview This Cultural Life can be experienced on BBC Sounds.

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