The prediction Mick Jagger made about Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse was an English singer-songwriter who became an international superstar due to her powerful and unique vocals. Her blends of soul, jazz, and rock elements in her song made a distinct musical style that helped with her growth.

Her debut album was released in 2003 and became one of the most successful commercial albums of all time. Most of her songs were related to heartbreaks, addiction, and mental health issues. More than anything, she was known for her wild lifestyle which overshadowed her career.

This was the reason most people knew she needed help with her struggling. She was in a relationship with her then-partner, Blake Fielder-Civil and it was draining for her. Her being impaired could be seen during her on-stage performances.

Many could see her struggles with drug-related problems and Mick Jagger was also one of them. Being a superstar himself, Mick had a knack for it and in 2007 he even commented on her situation. The legendary frontman of The Rolling Stones himself struggled with addiction and while talking with The Sun in 2007, he made quite a prediction.

About her, he said, “Amy is a brilliant artist who makes fantastic music. She has class. But I’m worried she might die if she goes down the road that she has taken. It would have been full circle for the Stones, as she is like some of these classic soul singers from the past that inspired us. To have a woman that sings just like them in this time is wonderful.”

Mick Jagger’s drug addiction was well-publicized back in the day. It also had a great impact on his personal life. Because of his erratic behavior due to drugs, he was arrested several times and suffered from mental health disease. Jagger, later on, sought help and got over his problem. He entered a rehabilitation program in 1969 which had a positive impact on him.

Winehouse was a successful artist but her follow-up albums were getting delayed due to her addiction. She also made a poor decision and replaced her manager with a booking agent who wouldn’t care if she was physically fit or not.

Mick Jagger said he would love to see her sort herself out. He also added that getting over it is a mental thing, which proves to be quite hard for everyone. Mick reflected on his own time and said if his mind hadn’t told him to stop, then he would have ended up like Amy. He recalled he didn’t want to die young.

Mick didn’t want to end up dead and it was a motivation for him to get off that lifestyle. However, Amy was a different case. And, what Mick Jagger said about Amy Winehouse came up true. He said that Amy could end up dead if she keeps up her current lifestyle, and it all came true 4 years later. Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in her apartment at the age of 27 on 23 July 2011.

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