The Queen Song Freddie Mercury Wrote For John Lennon

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Freddie Mercury and John Lennon are one of the greatest artists of all time and their band is one of the world’s most successful bands. Everyone who listens to rock music is very familiar with The Beatles and Queen.

Although The Beatles were formed 10 years earlier than Queen, still, The Beatles are #1 in the world of classic rock music. They sold more albums they breaked many records than any band has ever come to close within just 10 years of their band time.

Many people know about these two guys but there are few peoples who don’t know that Freddie Mercury has written a song dedicated to The Beatles’ frontman John Lennon.

Freddie was quite a different guy, his singing styles are also very different compared to others. His awesome voice and vocal range, his best skills to blend any tone from high to low notes are surely rare in the world of music. So, he got the title of legend who can’t be replaced or not be re-created.

What Freddie Mercury thought of John Lennon

When we checked out his interview it is sure that Freddie loves his style and his life, he never tries to compare himself with others, and he got full confidence that he was a legend.

But sometimes Freddie has confessed that he loves John Lennon and admires him a lot. Mercury always thought that John was extraordinary and did his best to influence the world with modern types of music.

When Freddie heard the death news of John Lennon, he was broken inside and very sad, he use to think only about John Lennon more than any other because John was the only one Freddie admired a lot.

Mercury said “I would never like to [be] put in any kind of parallel with John Lennon at all. Because he was just the greatest. Sorry, that’s done.”

This statement led some Queen fans to fury, they always thought that Freddie is incomparable and top 1 among all the singers but many Queen fans admit this statement was true.

Mercury said “It’s not a matter of less talent or more talent. It’s just a certain people capable of doing certain things better than somebody else. I just feel that I’m not equipped enough to do certain things that John Lennon did. And I don’t think anybody should.”

December 8, 1980, is one of the devasting day for all the music fans and music creators, this day John Lennon was shot to death by The Beatles’ fan, outside his home in New York.

After John dies, musicians started to pay tribute where Queen also performed ‘Imagine’ in their musical tour. But just tributing a song in the name of John was not enough this is was Freddie thought and he wrote a song dedicated to John Lennon.

Freddie Mercury Wrote A Song To John Lennon

Mercury decided to honor John Lennon and he wrote a song named ‘Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)’, which was dedicated solely to Lennon. This song was first released on May 21, 1982, which was also a song from the album ‘Hot Space.’

‘Life is real’ Freddie died in 1991 due to AIDS, making this song even more meaningful, our life is real and we all will pass away.

Queen fans miss Freddie and John Lennon a lot, every band’s fans are also John’s fans in some way. He was a real legend, he influenced modern music, and some of Lennon’s masterpieces like ‘Imagine’ will always remain at the top of the music world.

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