The reason Dave Grohl got inspired to write ‘All My Life’

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Dave Grohl is certainly a legendary musician who has been a part of two of the most popular rock bands of all time Nirvana and Foo Fighters. And while talking about the Foo Fighters, their song All My Life is one of their most famous or popular songs.

All My life is from Foo Fighters’ 2002 album One by One. And although this song is one of the band’s most popular songs, many might not know what inspired Grohl to write this song. So what inspired Grohl to write this song? surely we will discuss it however before that let’s get the background of the band before they recorded this track.

As mentioned this song is from their album one by one and it was released back on October 22, 2002. However, before that in 2001, they were on a tour in the United Kingdom, Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the band then went into a coma because of a drug overdose so the band had to take a break. Later they got back and started working on their new album.

However, their previous album There Is Nothing Left to Lose was a massive hit and they had pressure to follow up on that album. But the problem was their sessions were not working out. Later they did come up with their new album one by one and the single all my life from the album was a massive hit. Grohl has talked about where he got the inspiration to write that song and it is quite dirty. Let’s find out what dirty thing inspired Grohl to write this song.

What inspired Dave Grohl to write All My Life?

Before we know the inspiration we need to back off and know about Dave’s past love life. He was having issues with his first marriage Jennifer Youngblood and eventually got divorced in 1997. In 2002 he said that he enjoy and liked the groupie’s company. He said, “a mutual agreement. [Groupies] come to the back. They know what they want; they know what the band wants. It just happens. It’s that easy. It happens every now and then.”

Talking about what inspired him to write the song, in 2003, Grohl said to Q Magazine, “That song is a little dirty. Use your imagination, but good call. I’m very fond of giving oral sex to women. It’s a pleasure-giving experience – giving someone something that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, and if you do it right they will.”

Furthermore, talking about the recording of the song Grohl said to Kerrang, “At first, it was really dissonant and noisy, the middle section sounded like ‘Wipeout.’ It was just nuts! We recorded the instrumental and I had no idea how I was gonna sing it.”

Anyways whatever was the inspiration for this song, the fact is that it is one of Foo Fighters’ most popular songs and it was really a hit song that was even charted number one on Billboard’s Alternative Songs for ten weeks. It was also listed as number five on the UK Singles Chart. Furthermore, this song also won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance.

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