The Reasons These Rock Legends Hated The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones, a legendary rock band, have had a complex relationship with their peers. Despite their global fame and success, not everyone in the music industry admired them. For instance:

1. John Lennon: Initially, John Lennon of The Beatles wasn’t fond of The Rolling Stones. He once criticized Mick Jagger’s acting skills and said the Stones weren’t on the same level as The Beatles. However, over time, Lennon’s view softened, and he developed a better relationship with Mick Jagger.

2. Ginger Baker: The drummer of Cream, Ginger Baker, was known for his outspoken views. He respected Charlie Watts of the Stones but was critical of the other band members, questioning their musical abilities.

3. Lemmy Kilmister: Lemmy, from Motörhead, had mixed feelings about The Rolling Stones. While he appreciated their music, he contrasted them with The Beatles, suggesting that the Stones’ portrayal of hardship was less authentic than that of The Beatles, who came from tougher backgrounds in Liverpool.

These varied opinions highlight the diverse perspectives in the rock world and how success can be interpreted differently by different artists.

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