The Rolling Stones album that Keith Richards said is underrated

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The Rolling Stones have a legacy that spans more than five decades and are among the most recognizable and influential rock bands in history. Their influence on the rock and roll scene is enormous because they contributed to the musical and cultural development of the genre.

The Stones’ music pulled from a variety of genres, including blues, R&B, country, and rockabilly, to produce a raw, energizing, and rebellious sound. Culturally, the Stones were equally influential, embodying the rebellious and hedonistic spirit of rock and roll in the 1960s and beyond. They were notorious for their wild partying, drug use, and controversial lyrics, which often dealt with sex, drugs, and other taboo subjects.

Many musicians followed in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones, who changed the rock and roll world. One of the most enduring and powerful bands of all time, their music and cultural influence can still be felt today.

Now, the album, Keith Richards said is underrated. Keith Richards admitted that it is difficult for him to choose favorites when the guitarist was asked to name his favorite Rolling Stones album in an interview with GQ in 2020. That’s when he mentioned ‘Bridges To Babylon‘ is an underrated record.

He claimed that the record forced the band to push some boundaries once more in an interview with Much Music from 1997. He added that he didn’t try to create massive successes, only decent albums. He said, “This one is the first one since maybe the early 80s, late 70s where it’s taken another step. (That) is actually pushing some boundaries again for better or worst. I knew from the songs that we had a good album.”

He added, “I never had a problem (with the band) they are expert musicians, you know what I mean. I am (always) looking to make good records, I don’t want major hits. If one happens, great. But I’m just trying to put (a good album out). (Also) make the best out of my friends. Even if they don’t like it at the time.”

“The best music comes when it seems to flow out of your fingers , when you’re not really thinking too much. You’re just doing it and after you think about it. When you’re doing it, it’s flowing. That’s what counts.”

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