The Rolling Stones share short film about their famous mobile recording studio

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The Rolling Stones are offering fans a glimpse into their early recording techniques through a documentary on their mobile studio, which they refer to as “the most significant music studio on wheels.”

According to a description of the nearly 10-minute clip, “Were you aware that The Rolling Stones possessed the first ever independent recording studio on wheels in the world?” The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio, which was constructed within a truck, not only created some of the band’s most successful albums, but was also employed in the production of some of the most memorable albums of the 1970s, including records by Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath.

As per the video, the band’s desire to avoid wasting studio time on rehearsals and instead practice at Mick Jagger’s Stargroves estate in the English countryside led to the creation of the recording studio. Upon realizing that transporting all their equipment would be necessary, their road manager and pianist Ian Stewart came up with the idea of constructing the recording equipment into a truck, enabling them to have the studio with them whenever they wished to record.

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