The Rolling Stones welcome back original bassist Bill Wyman

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The Rolling Stones recently welcomed their original bassist, Bill Wyman, back into the band after he had been away for many years. He had retired from the band after working on the album called Steel Wheels in 1989.

Wyman was known as one of the quieter members of the group and would sometimes help write songs with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. He played bass on songs like ‘Street Fighting Man’ and even wrote and sang the lead vocals on a song called ‘In Another Land’ in 1967.

After leaving The Stones, Wyman continued to make music on his own. He released a solo album in 2015 called Back to Basics. He also performed with the rock group The Faces at a reunion show, filling in for their late member Ronnie Lane.

This reunion with Wyman happened a few years after the original drummer of The Stones, Charlie Watts, passed away in 2021 from throat cancer. Wyman met with the band in a recording studio in California and it was revealed that he will be featured on their latest album.

The new album will be a tribute to Charlie Watts and it will be their first album since 2016’s Blue and Lonesome, where they covered classic blues songs. The band’s last album of new songs was called A Bigger Bang and it was released in 2005.

The Stones have been working on the new album for the past few years. Guitarist Ronnie Wood said, “We are recording the new album now and we are going to LA in a few weeks to finish it. Charlie plays on some of the tracks and drummer Steve Jordan too.”

Although Wyman has been seen in the studio, it is still unknown if he plans to go on tour with The Stones after the album is released. We don’t have any information about the release date of the new record at this time.

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