The song Stevie Nicks wishes was written about her

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From a tender age, the sounds of rock, folk, and doo-wop set the stage for the legendary Stevie Nicks we all adore today. Growing up in a music-loving home, Stevie’s musical spark was ignited and nurtured early on.

Stevie Nicks’ name carries weight in rock history, making her reflections on her musical inspirations all the more profound. Peeling back the layers to uncover the artists and moments that shaped her journey offers a captivating glimpse into the genesis of this rock icon.

One such influence is folk-rock sensation Jackson Browne, especially his songwriting finesse and memorable melodies. His track, ‘That Girl Could Sing’, struck a particular chord with Nicks. She humorously wished the song was about her, imagining herself as its muse. “I’ve always hoped he had me in mind when he penned that track, especially lines like ‘She was a friend to me when I needed one’,” Stevie mused, emphasizing the power of Browne’s lyrics.

Nicks also holds affection for Browne’s ‘Somebody’s Baby’, co-written with Danny Kortchmar for the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In reflecting on Browne’s overarching impact, she credits him for teaching her the art of penning love songs. Yet, her lyrical inspirations stretch even further, with the poetic brilliance of Joni Mitchell standing out. Nicks admires Mitchell’s unparalleled knack for weaving an abundance of words into a single line without it feeling forced.

Equally inspiring to Nicks are iconic women in music like the enigmatic Kate Bush and her classic, ‘Running Up That Hill’. “Upon hearing it, I immediately thought, ‘I want to cover this’,” shared Nicks. She continued, “As artists, we sometimes hear a song and feel compelled to put our spin on it. But sometimes, realization strikes: ‘I can’t possibly outdo the original’. With Kate Bush, that’s often the case.”

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