The songwriter that David Gilmour said is brilliant

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Born in 1946 in Cambridge, England, David Gilmour embraced the stage name, David Gilmour. His musical journey began in 1963, and by 1967, he had joined the iconic band, Pink Floyd. With his distinctive songwriting and sound, David Gilmour played a pivotal role in elevating Pink Floyd to one of the top-selling musical groups ever, boasting over 250 million records sold globally.

While Pink Floyd resonated with progressive rock, Gilmour’s musical palette was diverse. He often shared his admiration for various artists. Among them, one stood out as “brilliant” in his eyes.

The evolution of Rock and Roll began in the 50s, but the 60s brought a surge of creativity, with bands venturing into unique musical territories. This period of intense experimentation especially post mid-60s, laid the foundation for bands like Pink Floyd to break the conventional mold of songwriting. Gilmour, too, cherished several bands from this era that weren’t shy to innovate.

Enter The Beach Boys, initially recognized for their Surf Rock vibe. But in 1966, their album “Pet Sounds” took the world by surprise. Gilmour, as confirmed by Brian Wilson’s official site, holds immense respect for The Beach Boys. He particularly praises Wilson’s masterful songwriting.

Highlighting the early Beach Boys’ tracks, Gilmour remarked, “Songs like ‘In My Room’ and ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ hinted at Brian Wilson’s aspiration to dive deeper than the surf genre.” He further added, “Within a span of just over four years, Wilson perfected songwriting, record production, orchestral arrangements, and studio techniques, culminating with the marvelous tracks on Pet Sounds.”

In an earlier BBC Radio 2 interview from 2006, Gilmour revealed his admiration for the Beach Boys’ song “God Only Knows”, which incidentally is also a favorite of Paul McCartney. He reminisced, “Back in Cambridge, as a teen, my band covered several Beach Boys hits. Among them, ‘God Only Knows’ stands out for its intricate composition and profound meaning.”

In 2006, the UK Music Hall of Fame, primarily established to acknowledge British artists, honored the Beach Boys’ genius, Brian Wilson. David Gilmour was the inductor. Reflecting on his early days, Gilmour mentioned performing Beach Boys songs and how their harmonies deeply influenced him. Paying homage to Wilson during the ceremony, Gilmour said, “The Beach Boys’ early tracks showcased Brian Wilson’s versatile artistry, far surpassing the limitations of surf music.”

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