The Story Behind “Bridge Over Troubled Water” By Simon & Garfunkel

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Let’s dive into the fascinating tale of how Simon and Garfunkel created their memorable song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” This beloved track from their last album has a special story that adds a unique touch to its melody.

Paul Simon, the creative force behind the duo, was pleasantly surprised when he wrote this song. Originally meant to comfort someone in need, the tune took an unexpected turn with a gospel-inspired vibe. Simon confessed, “I have no idea where it came from. It came out of the blue. It was one of the most surprising moments in my songwriting career. I thought, ‘This is way better than my usual stuff.'”

Initially, Simon planned for just two verses, but thanks to encouragement from Art Garfunkel and producer Roy Halee, the song got a grand makeover. Everything from the music arrangement to promotion received extra attention. The third verse, featuring the catchy line “Sail On, Silver Girl,” wasn’t about drugs, as some thought, but a playful jab at Simon’s then-girlfriend (later wife), Peggy Harper. She found a few silver hairs and wasn’t too pleased, turning a personal moment into a charming addition to the song.

So, behind the scenes, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” wasn’t just a song; it was a surprising journey of creativity and unexpected inspiration.

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