The Story Of Keith Richards’ Almost Electrocution On Stage

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Keith Richards, the legendary guitarist of The Rolling Stones, known for his catchy tunes and captivating stories, has a tale that stands out among his many performances. Picture this: December 3, 1965, Sacramento, California, at the Memorial Auditorium, during one of their concerts.

The band was rocking out to “The Last Time” when Richards, in his typical rock star mode, smashed his guitar against a mic stand. Little did he know, the stand was not properly grounded. This small action caused a big problem. Sparks flew, and Richards was knocked out cold on the stage.

The explosion was so intense that Jeff Hughson, the concert promoter, thought it was an attempt on Richards’ life! Mick Martin, an eyewitness, vividly remembers the moment. He saw a blue light, Keith flying backward in the air, and thought he was done for. The crowd fell silent, shocked.

They rushed Richards out, barely conscious, with oxygen tubes. Mick Martin patted him, hoping he’d be okay. Luckily, Richards woke up eventually, saved by the rubber-soled boots he wore. But this incident taught him a serious lesson about the dangers of high-voltage rock performances.

Richards recalled waking up to the doctor’s grim words: “Well, they either wake up or they don’t.” It was a wake-up call for the rock legend about the risks of playing with such powerful energy on stage.

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