Elvis Presley Used His Twin Brother As Body Double? The Truth About His Twin Brother

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Clearly, even kids utter Elvis Presley’s name when asked who’s the King of Rock and Roll. Presley was and is the most popular and iconic musician.

For all the men out there whose song would you have sung to your woman if Elvis was not a musician or if he never existed? well, answer that to yourself because we are not here to talk about how great Elvis was.

On August 16, 1977, the world lost a beloved musician which shocked the world. People were not ready to accept the fact and instead, his fan started to question his death.

People started coming up with conspiracy theories and stated Elvis faked his death to live a free life. There still are many people who believe that Elvis is still alive, after all this time.

Conspiracy theory experts believe that the death certificates and doctor’s statements are not true at all.

And since there are various experts, they all have their theories, and some of them have recently come up with a new theory about the late singer’s twin brother Jesse Garon Presley.

Were Elvis and Jesse Presley identical twins?

elvis presley twin brother

Yes, Elvis had an identical twin brother named Jesse Garon Presley. The day Elvis was born, he was not the only one getting birth.

Elvis was born 35 minutes after his twin brother Jesse was born. The sad part is that Jesse was stillborn. Moreover, his family could not even afford a coffin so they put him in a shoebox and buried him.

As per the reports, his grave is just a stone because the family could not afford and he is buried next to his great-uncle and aunt.

And even though Elvis was the most popular music artist, there were many things that he did not let people know about.

So now people are coming up with a conspiracy theory and saying that Jesse was not stillborn meaning he did not die and he worked as Elvis’ body double.

Well, that is what people claim and believe, however, according to psychologist Peter O. Whitmer who wrote Elvis’ biography Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley, he (Elvis) was triggered by his brother’s death. He even said that Jesse’s spirit haunted Elvis’s relationships.

He said, “Elvis’s twin’s death at birth was a tragedy that triggered a process that made his dead sibling the bedrock, the singular driving force in his life. Jesse was a restless spirit who eventually haunted all of Presley’s relationships.”

Furthermore, Presley’s mother Gladys Presley also spoke about him and said that he was destined for great things because he was living for two people.

She said, “He is living for two people, he has the power of two people.” There is even a movie called “Identical Twin” and it was inspired by Elvis and his twin story.

According to Dr. Raymond Brandt “Once a twin, always a twin.” There is a state called the twinless twin and people in this state may suffer phantom pain.

And Elvis might likely have felt the same after all he was a twinless twin.

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