The world’s greatest band according to Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury is widely regarded as one of the greatest singers in rock music history, and his legacy continues to be celebrated.

While Mercury himself believed that no other vocalist could rival him, he held a deep admiration for Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin, considering them an unstoppable force in rock music.

Plant reciprocated the respect and admiration, acknowledging that Mercury sang songs in an original and superior way.

He praised Mercury’s confidence and ability to sing in the right tones, expressing his appreciation for Mercury’s talent.

These positive comments from Plant made Mercury develop a fondness for him, and he humorously claimed that his kindness towards Led Zeppelin was a result of this admiration.

However, beneath the humor, Mercury’s appreciation for Led Zeppelin and Plant was genuine.

He openly declared Led Zeppelin as the greatest rock band and acknowledged their deserving success.

Mercury regarded Plant as one of the most original vocalists of their time, even considering him his favorite singer. The fact that Plant spoke highly of Mercury further strengthened their mutual respect.

Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, recently announced that the band is preparing to release new music featuring the unreleased voice of Freddie Mercury.

May revealed that they discovered a song titled “Face It Alone” among the band’s cassettes, tapes, and masters.

This upcoming release is highly anticipated and will provide fans with a new experience of Mercury’s exceptional vocals.

Freddie Mercury’s absence is deeply felt, and many believe that he was an irreplaceable figure in rock music.

His legendary performance at Wembley Stadium during Live Aid solidified his status in music history.

Despite Queen’s attempts to find a new vocalist after Mercury’s death, no one has been able to match his unique talent and stage presence.

In 1992, Queen organized a tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in honor of Freddie Mercury.

The event featured an array of music industry stars, including David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Roger Daltrey, Elton John, and Axl Rose.

Robert Plant also participated in the concert, fronting Queen for a performance of “Innuendo,” which incorporated a snippet of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

Plant’s dissatisfaction with his performance, requesting its omission from the home video release, further underscores the incomparable presence and skill of Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury’s impact and influence on the world of music remain unparalleled. His remarkable vocal abilities, stage charisma, and the enduring appeal of Queen’s music continue to captivate audiences.

As fans eagerly await the release of new music featuring Mercury’s voice, his legacy as the greatest rock vocalist lives on.

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