Throwback to Peter Frampton And Leslie West’s ‘Mississippi Queen’ Duet

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Back in 2013, Leslie West shared his stage with his longtime friend and fellow rockstar Peter Frampton at New York’s Paramount Theatre. It was the best thing that happen there. Together they jammed to the song ‘Mississippi Queen’ which is one of the heaviest rock songs.

‘Mississippi Queen’ is Mountain’s most popular and enduring song. It is considered a classic of the hard rock genre and has also been covered by many other notable bands. It has been featured in sports events like NFL games.

When Leslie and Peter took on the stage, the crowd went nuts. The night was young and for fans, it was the best thing ever. With old two friends back onstage together, everyone had a great time. The space of Paramount Theatre was occupied with the screams both of them were getting.

Both Leslie and Peter is a pioneer when it comes to rock music. They shared the stage together in the 70s. Leslie West is known as the lead man behind the rock band Mountain. Leslie and his band are popular for the song ‘Mississippi Queen’ which was released in 1970. It reached number twenty-one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The song features a killing powerful guitar riff along with their rhythm section. Also, the song’s lyrics are very simple which makes the song desirable.

Peter started his career as a member of the band Humble Pie. But he was more successful as a solo artist. He knew his sound and used a talk box which helped him manipulate the sound of his guitar. He is among the greatest guitarists in rock music history.

The night was very special. With ‘Mississippi Queen’ the crowd lost their way and screamed till their heart came out. Both rockstars were not in their prime, but their performance together topped everything else that night.

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