Throwback to the time when Tom Jones wanted to punch John Lennon

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Famous celebrities’ feuds are always fun to know about…

And well, we have one just here.

The Beatles are one of the most loved bands out there, but one of their members definitely knew how to frustrate other singers. John Lennon is a character everyone wants to be in their life. Known for his talented musical feats, he certainly wasn’t the easiest person in a room to get along with.

John is known for his impeccable sense of humor. And during an incident, a particular artist was not happy with John’s comment. Tom Jones wasn’t happy during his first encounter with Lennon.

Tom Jones is one of the iconic members of the 1960s pop bubble. He knows how to create music that rattles the senses and enriches the soul. He started by performing in working men’s clubs across South Wales. Later on, he was found by industry executives and landed on a record deal with Decca.

It took some time for his first hit to arrive but when it happened, he was compared to other superstars of that time like The Beatles. His song ‘It’s Not Unusual’ was the song that made him a megastar. With his success, he put up a new single ‘Once Upon A Time’ and during the promotion of the album, Jones made an appearance on the TV program ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’.

The whole event was a big affair for him. It was his first ever appearance on television. It was the time to make a great impression, and he was ready for it. During the discussion with Channel Bee, he remembered, “I had ‘It’s Not Unusual’ out, which was my first hit record in 1965 and The Beatles were on the show. I went to watch them rehearse in the afternoon, and I’m sitting there where the audience would be later on. I’m with my manager, Gordon Mills, and waiting for The Beatles to come out to watch them rehearse.”

Tom remembered, “John Lennon was the first one out on the floor, and he looks up at me, he’s got his guitar. He says, ‘It’s not a unicorn, it’s an elephant’ and then said, ‘How you doing you Welsh poof?’.” Jones disclosed that he was angry at John and responded, “‘Come up here, you Scouse prick, and I’ll show you.'”

An exclusive interview with Far Out sheds more light on the matter. After Lennon’s comment, Tom thought, “what the f***?, How you doing, puff?” That’s when he stated the stuffs mentioned above. His manager was also the one who saved him that day. He recalls, “My manager said, ‘Don’t, he’s a Liverpudlian, that’s his sense of humour.”

All thanks to his manager, because punching him would have done a lot of damage to his recognition. He added, “Gordon Mills says ‘It’s his sense of humour, don’t’. Which of course it was, and we became friends later on. He was taking the mick or taking the piss, so that was his sense of humour.”

This was a big incident for Jones as it was his first appearance on TV. Later on Jones recalled the incident with the Liverpool Echo and said, “Paul McCartney said to me, ‘If John Lennon made fun of a song, it means he likes it, because he wouldn’t make a comment on it if it didn’t strike him'”

John was surely a wild man with a wild sense of humor. This was not the only time Paul had to step in to stop Lennon from getting into trouble. No doubt, everyone would get angry if they were to make fun of you the very first time you meet with them. But, it was one disaster Jones successfully got away from due to his manager and Paul.

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