Ticketmaster Will Eliminate Hidden Fees

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Today, June 15, Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation announced that they will begin using “all-in pricing” on its tickets, doing away with hidden extras and presenting the whole cost up front.

Tom See, head of Live Nation Concert Venues Operations, as quoted by Spin, said:

“Live Nation is proud to provide fans with a better ticket-buying experience. We have thousands of crew working behind the scenes every day to help artists share their music live with fans, and we’ll continue advocating for innovations and reforms that protect that amazing connection.”

During comments made earlier this year by US President Joe Biden on Ticketmaster’s “junk fees,” the ticketing platforms have revealed this new policy during a meeting at the White House.

Robert Smith, the band’s leader, has recently worked to lower ticket prices, expressing displeasure with all of Ticketmaster’s added costs.

Along with Ticketmaster and Live Nation, SeatGeek also said that they will do away with all extra charges and switch to a “all-in pricing” model.


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