Tommy Lee’s Biggest Regret Related To John Bonham

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There are numerous legendary rock musicians and bands that have influenced or inspired various other music artists. And one of these legendary bands is Led Zeppelin. This band was formed in London back in the late 60s. Certainly, when talking about the most iconic rock bands, the name Led Zeppelin always comes on the list.

Led Zeppelin was able to influence various other iconic bands including Queen and Aerosmith. Although Jimmy Page founded the band, the drummer John Bonham was responsible for taking their music to whole another level. Bonham joined the band in 1968 and continued playing with the band until his death.

Furthermore, Bonham was someone really crucial and respected member of the band that after his death in 1980 the remaining band members decided to quit or break up. He was someone you would call the master of his craft and he has inspired numerous popular drummers including Foo Fighter’s frontman and founder Dave Grohl.

Along with Grohl Bonham also inspired Tommy Lee the drummer of a popular heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. However, it seems that Tommy has but one regret about the late drummer John Bonham, so what does Tommy regret about Bonham? we will discuss it in this article.

What regret does Tommy Lee have about John Bonham?

First of all, it is amazing itself that Bonham even influenced not only the rock genre’s musicians but also heavy metal. His solo drums are so magical that will get hyped by anyone. And as mentioned Bonham influenced many artists including Tommy Lee. In fact, Tommy even revealed that Bonham is his drum hero.

So what is it that Tommy regrets about his hero Bonham? well, the only and biggest regret he has about Bonham is that he never saw his hero play live. And the fact that no one will see him play again breaks each one of us.

In an interview with Sammy Hagar in a show “Rock and Roll Road Trip,” Tommy talked about various artists including John whom he called his drum hero. He said that John’s drum skills were insane and he regrets that he could not go see the Led Zeppelin concert when John was alive.

Talking about Bonham, Tommy said, “He was insane. I’m so bummed that I never got to see him play. That’s the one thing. When people go, ‘Do you have any regrets?’ that was it.”

Well, considering the fact that Tommy was just 18 when Bonham died, we can totally understand why he could not attend their concert. However, Lee seems to listen to and watch videos of Bonham and he will always be Lee’s drum hero.

However, a simple reminder that Bonham is a hero not only of Tommy but many other artists and youngsters. Furthermore, many of his fans might not have been born yet and it is really crazy to think how one person can be an inspiration and influence, numerous people, even decades after their death.

It is sad that we lost such a talented star very soon. Bonham had an accidental death on September 25, 1980. He was on Zeppelin tour where he had 40 shots of vodka and soon after he started vomiting and then choked on his own vomit which led to his death.

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