The tragic story of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Tom Fogerty

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The 60s is said to be the best rock era. Many of the popular rock bands we know of now are from the sixties, one of the bands that was formed back in the 60s was Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). The band reflected the southern rock style even though the band was formed in the west. CCR released their debut self-titled album which was pretty much successful.

This band consisted of talented musicians and their music is pretty much great however, it is unfortunate that CCR is often overlooked. Stephen King even stated that they are the most underrated rock band. It is pretty sad that a great band is underrated, however, one of the founding members and rhythm guitarist of the band Tom Fogerty’s tragic death is more heartbreaking than the band being underrated.

So what happened to Tom Fogerty? how did he die? all these questions will be answered below in the article.

Tragic death of Tom Fogerty

Tom died on September 6, 1990, at the age of 48 years old, and back then it was reported by The New York Times that he died of respiratory failure due to tuberculosis however, there was more to it. Apparently, Fogerty got tuberculosis because of the complications of AIDS. And it is but a true tragedy how he got AIDS, so how did he get the virus?

Back in the 80s, he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and because of his back problem he underwent an operation where he had a blood transfusion, however, the blood he got transfused with was tainted, hence he got AIDS. And the tragedy is that in no way was he to blame for succumbing to the horrors of AIDS.

Moreover, Tom left the band a year prior to the band breaking up in 1972. Furthermore, as per the reports, Tom was not on speaking terms with his brother John [the band’s founding member] even when he got AIDS, and it seems that they could not reunite even before Tom’s death. However, John went to his brother’s funeral where he gave a speech and said, “We wanted to grow up and be musicians. I guess we achieved half of that. Becoming rock ‘n roll stars. We didn’t necessarily grow up.”

Louder sound reported that John was sad following his brother’s death, “I was sad that life had been taken from Tom. That sadness was mixed with other emotions. But I’ve forgiven Tom. I’m not angry anymore. I love my brother. Also, I sure loved the old family days. The way we were as kids. It’s resolved, and somehow Tom knows it’s alright, wherever he is.”

Although John went to see his brother a few times before his untimely death, they still couldn’t reconcile and this is something John really regrets. They let music and business come between them and as a result, the two brothers became distant. This is the true tragedy of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s guitarist Tom Fogerty.

First, he got AIDS without any mistake of his own and he could not make up with his brother before his death.

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