Two Roger Waters Songs David Gilmour Found ‘Anxious’ To Sing

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There is no doubt that Pink Floyd is one of the most popular and influential rock bands of all time. Many may have various opinions on why the band is very successful. While some may say that the band is pretty unique and has great lyrics. And that is all true because the band has very talented members. However, the band is also well-known for its members’ creative differences which led to an internal dispute.

As popular as the band is, the feud or dispute between David Gilmour and Roger Waters is also quite well-known. And their dispute or feud is even considered or said to be one of the biggest feuds in the history of the music industry.

We all are well-known that Roger Waters left the band in 1985 and started a solo music career. After Waters left the band it was Gilmour who had to perform Waters’ sing lead songs however, Gilmour always found two of Waters’ songs to sing. So which song are they? let’s find out.

Roger Waters’ two songs David Gilmour Is Always Anxious To Perform

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After Syd Barrett, David Gilmour took Syd’s place however, Roger was still a member of the band and he was also smashing the track of the band. Waters was a really important member of the band who had a limitless musical talent so later his creativity clashed with Gilmour’s and Waters decided to leave the band.

However, since Waters was the lead singer of several of the band’s popular tracks which is why the band had their worries, especially for GIlmour it was really hard. As Waters sang several tracks, his influence and the band’s image were questioned after he left the band, and on top of that Gilmour and the band had to create or present Waters’ songs in a new way.

It sounds so simple but the truth is it was really hard especially to please people since they were used to hearing Waters sing those songs. And of all the songs Waters had sung, Gilmour was and is always worried and anxious to sing or perform. So what songs are they?

Those two songs are Brain Damage” and Eclipse” from Pink Floyd’s 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. Back in 1995, Gilmour was in an interview with Guitar World magazine where he was asked when was the last time Pink Floyd played the album Dark Side. Gilmour answered that they performed the album last time in 1975 however, he also said that they’d play every song except Eclipse and Brain Damage because Waters had left the band.

However, Gilmour also stated that the band recently decided to play the whole album live and he explained that they did not have the chance to make or re-create the whole album, which is why after twenty years they are now performing the whole album.

As mentioned Gilmour was asked when was the last time they performed the Dark Side album and he said, “We hadn’t played it since 1975. We were kind of sorry we never recorded it live or filmed it. It was a great show back then. So we did discuss it with Roger [Waters], as we were getting more and more grumpy with each other. We said we should put together ‘Dark Side’ just so we had it on film for posterity.”

He further explained, “As I said, on our last tour, we were already playing most of the album, so we just had to pick up the instrumental package, ‘Any Colour You Like,’ then ‘Brain Damage’ and ‘Eclipse.’ They are the two songs in which Roger sang the lead part on the original record, which is one of the reasons we avoided them before.”

Later when Gilmour was asked how he felt singing the songs Waters sang, he said, “It was a little nerve-wracking doing Roger’s vocal parts the first time. But it went down well. Detroit was a real high, emotional moment.”

Surely it was really uncomfortable and nerve-wracking to sing Waters’ songs and on top of that take his place, however, Gilmour did not let his emotion get over him but he thought about his fans and went to perform the songs and did a blast show.

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