Vince Neil Explains Why Nikki Sixx Beat Up AC/DC Hero, Malcolm Young

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In a recent interview with Outsider, Vince Neil reminisced about a peculiar incident involving Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx and AC/DC’s Malcolm Young.

Neil delved into the band’s past antics, revealing a bizarre habit of biting people that almost sparked a feud with Eddie Van Halen. Recounting a party in Stockholm, Neil described an unexpected encounter where he impulsively bit Van Halen’s hand, much to the guitarist’s dismay. Neil acknowledged the severity of the bite, labeling it as a “serious” moment of misjudgment.

However, it was another biting incident involving Sixx and Young that escalated tensions to a whole new level. Neil recounted the confrontation between Sixx, known for his towering stature, and the diminutive Malcolm Young, which culminated in Sixx lifting Young off the ground by his neck, prompting an angry reaction from the AC/DC guitarist.

The incident, detailed in Mötley Crüe’s book “The Dirt,” sheds light on Sixx’s biting antics, which apparently resulted in an enraged Malcolm Young confronting him. According to Sixx’s account, the altercation arose after he allegedly bit Young’s brother, Angus, prompting Malcolm to confront him with threats of violence.

Despite the passage of time, the resolution of the feud between Sixx and Young remains unclear, particularly given Young’s untimely passing in 2017. Nonetheless, the incident serves as a testament to the wild and often unpredictable nature of rock ‘n’ roll escapades, immortalized in the annals of music history.

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