Watch A Rare 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Performance Of ‘Down By The River”

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The musical quartet Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young is perhaps one of the greatest to have ever performed together. Even while they may be well-respected as individual artists in their own right, their collective musical ability still pales in comparison.

They first published “Down By The River,” a song by Neil Young, on their 1969 album Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. The song, which is regarded as one of Young’s greatest, has long been a part of his vibrant iconography. However, Young’s side project, CSNY, delivers one of the song’s greatest performances.

The band as a whole is in the zone, and everything is working. We won’t guess on how much marijuana the band consumed beforehand, but we can state that they perform as a unit to offer the Music Scene audience a memorable evening. Even though it is just four minutes long, the performance packs a punch. It is just as disorienting and jazz-inspired as the original record, but it reaches crazy even more adorably.

It shines with the kind of emotional intensity that can only be produced by this ensemble, as you can see in the performance below.

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