Watch Chris Cornell’s Final Performance with Soundgarden

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Who comes to your mind when talking about powerful rock vocalists? well, certainly, everyone has their own opinion but one rockstar who no one can ignore is the frontman and the lead vocalist of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell.

Cornell had performed in several concerts or shows but his performance with Soundgarden at Detroit’s Fox Theater on May 17, 2017, turned out to be his final concert as just several hours after the concert, he was found unconscious in his hotel bathroom. Later he was pronounced dead by a doctor, he was 52 years old at the time of his death.

Footage of Cornell’s final performance surfaced on social media

Following his death, several of his final gig videos began to appear or surface on various social media platforms such as YouTube. Clearly, he performed several of Soundgarden’s biggest hits in the concert with his powerful yet unique vocals, including Spoonman, Black Hole Sun, Rusty Cage, and others.

In the end, they ended the concert with Soundgarden performing “Slaves and Bulldozers” which they merged with Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying” from their sixth studio album Physical Graffiti which was released back in 1975.

Cornell’s death came as a shock

News of his death came out of nowhere, and it was really surprising, he even stated that he was really excited about the show on his Twitter handle.

Certainly, it was shocking and sad news for not just his family but for all of his fans. And although he committed suicide, there were several things he could not do in his music career. Cornell also performed with Audioslave for a show and it also left the door open for their future collaboration, which would have been something epic.

He also toured with the American rock supergroup Temple of the Dog in 2016, post tour, Cornell also revealed his desire to collaborate with them again. He said, “It was really an amazing experience so I think we’re all motivated to do something again.”

However, he also revealed the hardship of the collaboration because of everyone’s busy schedule. He explained that they “literally have to plan ahead by two years,” which certainly wouldn’t be an easy task.

Furthermore, before returning to Soundgarden, he was on a solo tour to promote his fourth studio album Higher Truth which was released in 2015. In 2016, he also recorded a title song for the historical drama film, The Promise.

Cornell hanged himself to death and although the real reason for his suicide is not known, it might have to do something with his depression, which he publically talked about. Not just depressed, but he even admitted that he struggled with suicidal thoughts as well.

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