Watch Rare 1965 “For Your Love” Video From The Yardbirds

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The Yardbirds were a huge deal in rock music, especially because they had three incredible guitarists throughout their career. They were part of the “British Invasion” wave and are famous for songs like “For Your Love,” which became a big hit.

The song “For Your Love” was written by Graham Gouldman and given to the Yardbirds to record. Instead of sticking to their bluesy style, the band went for a more pop-rock sound, which made Eric Clapton, their guitarist at the time, unhappy. He left the band because of this change and was replaced by Jeff Beck.

In this rare 1965 video, you can see the Yardbirds performing “For Your Love” on a TV show. The lineup includes vocalist Keith Relf, lead guitarist Jeff Beck, rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja, bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, and drummer Jim McCarty. The cool harpsichord part in the song was arranged by Samwell-Smith.

Jeff Beck was only with the Yardbirds for a year before Jimmy Page joined. Together, they made an incredible guitar duo that contributed to the band’s legendary status.

You can check out the video here:

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