Watch Rare 1965 “For Your Love” Video From The Yardbirds

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The Yardbirds were a rock band phenomenon that throughout the course of its history catered to not just one but three famous guitarists. Also, being one of the leaders of the “British Invasion,” their music is regarded as timeless, particularly “For Your Love,” their debut top-ten smash.

“For Your Love” was written by Graham Gouldman and given to the Yardbirds for recording. With this song, the band opted for a more recognizable pop-rock sound as opposed to returning to its bluesy roots. The band’s guitarist, Eric Clapton, left as a result of this because he didn’t like the new commercial path it was taking. Eric Clapton left after the recording and was replaced by Jeff Beck.

The song was a departure from the band’s blues roots and marked a transition towards a more pop-oriented sound. It features a catchy melody, prominent use of the harpsichord, and a distinctive guitar riff.

The trio is heard singing the song in a 1965 TV program performance captured in the below-presented video. Keith Relf on vocals, Jeff Beck on lead guitar, Chris Dreja on rhythm guitar, Paul Samwell-Smith on bass, and Jim McCarty on drums were all present on stage. Samwell-Smith composed the harpsichord part that gave the song such a wonderful flair.

Beck joined the Yardbirds for just one year, joining Jimmy Page, another guitarist, at that time. They became one of the best bands of all time thanks to their combined dual lead attack.

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