Watch Scorpions Perform ‘Still Loving You’ In Oakland 1985

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Scorpions are a German rock band that was formed in 1965. They changed the face of rock throughout the years, with their ever-changing lineups. The band also proved to be the heroes of ‘Heavy Metal’. The most successful lineup of the band was from 1978 to 1992.

One incident which showcases the peak of their career was their 1985 Oakland concert on August 31. It was inside Oakland Coliseum Stadium and everyone in the crowd could see their knack for performance. They also created some of the best songs that were relatable to listeners. And among those songs is ‘Still Loving You’. And in the concert, there was a powerful performance of ‘Still Loving You’.

Day on The Green was put together by promoter Bill Graham and was an annual concert in Oakland, CA. It began in 1973 and later till the early 1990s. Back then, in the heat of metal, and rock, Scorpions took the stage alongside, Metallica, Rising Force, Victory, and many more.

The band provided an hour-long performance and the night was incredible. Some songs which were included in the setlist are, ‘Still Loving you’, ‘Bad Boys Running Wild’, and many more. The setlist of the band is given below.


“Coming Home”

“Bad Boys Running Wild”

“Loving You Sunday Morning”

“Make It Real”

“Big City Nights”

“Coast to Coast”


“Still Loving You”

“Rock You Like A Hurricane”

“Can’t Live Without You”

“The Zoo”

“No One Like You”

“Can’t Get Enough”

Be sure to watch them down below.

The band was formed in 1965, and its goal was always to be big in America. The band combined their own music into rock which was popular during that time. They first visited the US in 1979. After visiting the US, they started playing with a heavier sound. In 1985, they traveled to California to perform at Day On The Green.

The concert was a huge success. The most glorious song there was ‘Still Loving You’. It was originally released a year prior to the concert and chartered at number sixty-four in the US. That performance was sweaty and majestic, and even the voice was at its prime. It was one of their best shows till now.

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