What Guitar Does Dave Grohl Play?

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If you are into rock music then you must know about the band Foo Fighters. This band was founded by David Eric Grohl who is popularly known as Dave Grohl, and before he started the Foo Fighters, he used to be a drummer in another popular rock band called Nirvana.

After he formed Foo Fighters, he decided to leave his drumstick, instead, he started playing guitar. And throughout his music journey, he has played several guitars so which guitars has he played?

As mentioned, Grohl has played various guitars, however, his most played two guitars are the 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard ES-335 and Gibson DG-335.

Now let’s talk briefly about all the guitars Grohl has used or played throughout his music journey or career further in the article.

What Guitar Does Dave Grohl Play?

As mentioned above, his two most used guitars are the Gibson ES-335 and Gibson DG-335. Grohl got the ES-335 back in 1992 and the DG-335 was specifically custom-made by the Gibson themselves for Grohl in 2007. Furthermore, Grohl has played both electric and acoustic guitars and we will talk about all of them.

1967 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard ES-335

There is no doubt that this guitar has a special place in Grohl’s heart because this is the guitar he has played the most. In fact, Grohl seems to have recorded many songs with this guitar. He said in an interview, “This guitar I’ve made every single Foo Fighters record with.” Moreover, this is his favorite guitar.

He bought this guitar while he was still in Nirvana and even though he was not a guitar expert he just loved the sound of this guitar. In the same interview, Grohl said, “This is the sound of the Foo Fighters, this guitar, on every record, I might use different guitars now and then. For the most part, it’s just this.”

Interestingly enough, Gibson DG-335 was also created based on the Trini Lopez guitar. And he sure does love the DG-335 as he plays this guitar in live shows. Moreover, Grohl owns three DG-335 blue and black which he got in 2007, and in 2014 he got one in metallic gold.

1991 Gibson Les Paul

Grohl has been playing the Les Paul custom-made Gibson guitar for many years now. However, Grohl has not played this guitar much and we have seen him play this guitar rarely. He got the Budweiser Les Paul from late American race car driver Dale Earnhardt.

Furthermore, Grohl has a couple of these guitars one in white and the other two in black. Although Dave rarely used these guitars, we have seen him play these guitars in various live shows however, in the early 2000s he started playing Standard RD guitars. As mentioned he got the Les Paul guitar from Dale Earnhardt and so the day after Dale’s death Dave played this guitar in a live tribute.

Gibson SG

It seems that the former drummer and founder of the band Foo Fighters is fond of Gibson guitars. Talking about the Gibson SG, many believe that this guitar is a vintage model from the 1970s however, it is not confirmed yet. As per our sources, Grohl owns three of these guitars one in cherry red, two in white, and one in black.

Furthermore, it is said that Grohl used this guitar from 1995 to the early 2000s. However, now he has put up this guitar in his historic collection along with other band instruments.

Gibson Explorer

There are various rumors about how Grohl got this guitar. While many believe that he bought it himself, others think that he got it as a gift. He has used this guitar in various music videos and live shows. Furthermore, he also has a couple of these guitars.

Reports have it that he has three of these guitars in black and one in white.

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Gibson Firebird

We have seen Grohl play Firebird on various occasions and he has quite a few of these guitars. He has one in blue and there are also a few in black. However, mostly we have seen him play the black finished Firebird with a white pickguard. Not only on live shows but we have also seen this guitar in the music video of “The Pretender.”

Gibson Elvis Presley Dove

Gibson Elvis Presley Dove is a customized guitar that is based on the Gibson Dove model from 1969. And on various occasions, Grohl has played this guitar. However, there is no clue on how Grohl got this guitar. Moreover, this guitar has been used or played by many famous singers but as we can see in the name, it is famous because the King of rock and roll Elvis Presley played this guitar for years.


Dave Grohl has been playing the Taylor guitars for years now. Among the Taylor guitars he has, we have seen him play 612ce many times in his solo performances as well as on the radio. Furthermore, other than this he seems to own the early 900s series of Taylor.

Martin D-28

Grohl used this guitar for many years since the 1990s and we are sure that many of you have seen him play this guitar in many live shows. Furthermore, the most popular or most notable one is the time when he played and sang Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” when he went on the live Kilborn show as a special guest.

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Flamenco Style Nylon Stringed Acoustic

Although this isn’t exactly Grohl’s guitar, we shall still talk about this one because this is the guitar his mom bought for his dad and he would later learn to play power chords on this guitar. We don’t know when he started playing this guitar but as far as we know it was before the 1980s or in the early 80s.

1963 Series Silvertone

On Christmas 1981, Grohl’s mom gifted this guitar to him. However, it seems that he didn’t really use this guitar because soon he started playing drums and joined Nirvana as a drummer. Other than that he also has Ampeg Lucite Dan Armstrong Plexi Guitar, 1972 Fender Telecaster Custom, Gretsch White Falcon, Dave Dearnaley Flying V, and Manson MA Custom.

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