What Guitar Does Garth Brooks Play?

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Troyal Garth Brooks, popularly known as Garth Brooks is a popular American musician. He is so popular that people even named him the modern-day King of country music. Although Brooks had quit singing because of his personal problems, he still lives in heart of country music lovers.

Furthermore, Brooks also made history as nine of his albums got diamond status in music history, a legend for a reason. Clearly, he has an unmatchable level and many of you might know that very well. And as a fan, I have always wondered what Guitar Brooks plays, and since you’ve made it this far, you must be one of Brooks fans and you might wonder just like me, What Guitar Does Garth Brooks Play?

Brooks plays an acoustic guitar as well as an electric one. Moreover, Brooks has been using the Takamine for acoustic and Fender Telecaster for electric for a long time now.

However, we will discuss it in more detail further in this piece of article. Now without wasting any more time, let’s get right into today’s topic.

Garth Brooks has been playing Takamine for long

As mentioned above, Brooks has been a long Takamine guitar player. Even when he released his albums Sevens’ and ‘Fresh Horses,’ back in the mid-1990s Brooks used to play Takamine EN15C. However, this company stopped manufacturing this particular model. Later, in collaboration with Brooks Takamine created a custom-made guitar for Brooks and hence created the Takamine GB7C.

This custom-made guitar model is acoustic and it has Takamine’s Palathetic pickup and CT4B II guitar preamp. Furthermore, this is a pretty unique guitar because it does not have the typical circle guitar hole but it has the most popular body shape (Dreadnought) which is a kind of guitar-looking hole, which you can also see in the picture above.

Brooks’ relationship with Takamine

Takamine is really grateful that Brooks became a legend and one of the history-making country music artists using their guitar model. So does Takamine has anything to say about their journey? yes, they do and on their official website they have mentioned,

“Thus began Takamine’s ridiculously fortunate relationship with one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Garth Brooks.

Fast forward 1 short year, Garth’s second album “No Fences” was #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums charts and #3 on Billboard’s Top 200, where it would stay in the top 40 for 126 weeks. He had become an international star, all the while playing his Takamine EN15C (similar to current P3DC). The Takamine cedar top, satin finish cutaway had become an integral part of the Garth Brooks persona – and the Takamine brand had begun the ride of its life.”

Which electric guitar does Garth Brooks play?

Brooks mostly plays acoustic guitar however, that does not mean that he never plays electric guitar. In fact, he plays electric guitar every now and then when he needs to rock an extra bit. So which electric guitar does he use or play? well, just like every time he plays Takamine model for acoustic, similarly, he mostly plays Fender Telecaster electric guitar.

As per some reports, he has done a few modifications to the Fender Telecaster that he plays. Moreover, back in 2018, he didn’t use Fender Telecaster but he played Notre Dame guitar for his performance in Notre Dame Stadium show.

These are the only known guitars ever played by the legendary country music singer Garth Brooks well, at least during his live performances. If you know more then you can always write a comment and let us know further. That’s all for this article, will definitely come up with a new article, till then be safe.

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