When Ritchie Blackmore Called Out Ian Gillan’s Incompetence

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Deep Purple, with the fiery dynamics of Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillan, was a spectacle, though their collaboration was short-lived due to clashing visions.

The tension between these two iconic figures was palpable, leading to pivotal moments in the band’s trajectory.

In a candid chat with Spanish RockFM, Gillan reflected on one such critical juncture. “I once proposed a worldwide tour – South America, Russia, everywhere. We were born to perform live,” he reminisced. But the very next day, Blackmore approached the management with a clear-cut ultimatum: “It’s him or me.” The management chose Blackmore, leading to Gillan’s temporary departure.

Surprisingly, the record label favored Gillan’s presence. They made it clear: no Gillan, no contract. Upon his return, the tension resurfaced, with Blackmore voicing his dissatisfaction.

A decade earlier, in a 2010 interview with Guitar magazine, Blackmore had articulated his grievances. “Working with Gillan felt futile. He was more into festivities than focusing on his performances. He’d often miss lyrics, exhaust his voice partying. I love a good party, but not when it costs the quality of the performance,” Blackmore emphasized, revealing that he even gave Gillan a six-week window to get his act together.

While Blackmore had presented the band with an ultimatum, the tables turned. It was he who exited Deep Purple, making way for Joe Satriani. Elaborating on the transition, Blackmore said, “I offered to complete the ongoing tour before they found a new guitarist. Joe Satriani stepped in, but something didn’t sit right with him, leading to his exit too.”

Post the tumultuous times, Gillan, in the same Spanish RockFM interview, confirmed that he and Blackmore had mended their relationship over the years. However, he was quick to quash any reunion rumors, ensuring fans that a comeback was not on the cards.

The tale of Deep Purple, entwined with the passionate duels of Gillan and Blackmore, stands as a testament to the intensity of rock and roll. Even in disagreement, they created history, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.

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