When The Beatles Were Rejected By Many Record Companies

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While starting out, everyone faces problems. Literally everyone. When it comes to music, the foremost one is always not getting a record deal from a label. That way they cannot really get much ahead in the music world. And it is something even the Beatles had to go through.

Ringo Starr shed light on the matter very recently. During the premier of Mary McCartney’s ‘If These Walls Could Sing’, he shared the challenge behind finding a label. It was Abbey Road Studios who saved them.

Without Abbey Road Studios, the Beatles would have probably perished. The recording studio was very welcoming when the four fabs walked into the studio. When Ringo was asked about the importance of Abbey Road Studios, the drummer responded.

“They have a little bit for us, We were just blessed that we got a record deal because of George Martin, and he was working out of here because we were refused by many record labels. And George took a chance, and then we came here, and we did ‘Love Me Do,’ and we went on from there.

Their first years were spent in Abbey Road. The band even looked for other recording studios but they had no luck. Ringo added, “Then, a little later on, we tried a couple of other studios, but for the first six years, we were here. We knew the place, we felt the place, and it worked out really well.”

Abbey Road was basically their savior. Without them, the band would have had a very hard time. Abbey Road will always have a place in the Beatles’ hearts.
Regarding the subject, let’s look back on Decca Records which rejected The Beatles.
In 1962, The Beatles performed 15 songs at the Decca Records studio in London. They had a big hope for a recording deal but were rejected in favor of a local band. Back then a hopeful bunch along with their manager, Neil Aspinall were confident that they would land on a record deal.
The recording session was about one hour and there they sang fifteen songs. The Beatles were nervous but they became more confident. John sang lead two songs then, Paul took the command. It wasn’t that great, but everyone was happy about it. Decca was not really enthusiastic about them. It was a typical attitude to ‘north of Watford’ according to Devastating Disasters.
Decca’s rejection was actually a good thing for them. Later on, they were signed by Parlophone. That’s when they sold millions of records all around the world. Decca was not the only label to reject The Beatles, many others like Pye and Columbia also rejected The Beatles.

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