Why Kate Bush rejected Fleetwood Mac in 1978

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Kate Bush made the surprising decision to decline an offer to support Fleetwood Mac on their 1978 U.S. Rumours tour. As a young and relatively new artist, this was a significant opportunity. However, she had her own priorities to focus on at that time.

Bush’s journey in the music industry began at a young age. Her remarkable talents caught the attention of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, who discovered her through a mutual friend. Recognizing her unique vocal style and sound, Gilmour decided to support her by producing and arranging a few of her songs, including “The Man With the Child in His Eyes.”

With the release of her debut album, The Kick Inside, in 1978, Kate Bush was eager to establish her own identity and stage presence. She envisioned a live show that incorporated music, dance, poetry, mime, burlesque, magic, and theatre. To achieve this, she collaborated with audio engineer Martin Fisher to create the world’s first hands-free microphone, allowing her to move freely on stage.

Considering her ambitious plans for her own tour, Bush was not prepared to be an opening act, especially for a band as successful as Fleetwood Mac. Opening acts typically have limited time, no elaborate production, and no room for the full expression of their artistic vision. For Bush, compromising her grand vision for a short support slot was not an option.

Although turning down the opportunity meant missing out on opening for Fleetwood Mac, it was an honor for Kate Bush to have been considered by such a renowned band. She remained focused on her own artistic pursuits and continued to carve out her unique path in the music industry.

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